This is where we hang our hat. Over 80% of our work is web or internet based, and we are good at it. Anyone can sell you a template website, and insert your photos. To be honest, we will do that too, if that's what you want. But if you want to add to those templates, or change the functionality, you are limited to the plug-ins and options that they want you to have. For anyone that cares, that's simply not good enough.

That's when we get the call. 1080 Media has the ability to design a high quality website, customizing it to your exact specifications. When it's perfect, we turn it over to the programmers, who will build it so that it operates exactly how you want it. And let's get technical. Our programmers have the ability to make your website do amazing things. Not what everyone else wants to sell you, but exactly what you wished your website would do. We can work with existing or new databases, tie into video and data feeds, utilize lasers to create and store data, reporting, extremely narrow searches, sending text messages to every customer right from your custom built content management system which allows you to make any needed changes in-house. We invite you to dream big. No... even bigger! Your website can run your entire business, create product, track inventory, sell product and take payments, create shipping labels, and even tie into quickbooks.

We are official Apple, Andriod, IBM and Facebook developers as well, and we can port your amazing website to a mobile app quickly. We make sites that are responsive, work well on every browser and every device. We know how to build your site so that it contains all of the features and functionality needed to keep your website ranked high on the search engines. It's not just about making it pretty. It needs to make your business better.

Give us a call and set up a meeting. We would love the opportunity to help create a stronger website presence for your business.
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